Growing Long Hair, Fast (Suggestions By You)

This is a roundup of the most interesting, repeated, and holistic suggestions I received on instagram to my question: How can I make my hair grow long, fast? I received hundreds of answers, and surprisingly little variation, which is actually a good thing! I found, what I believe, to be some tried and true methods, many of which I'm going to integrate into my own routine to turn my forever jaw length bob into some freaking mermaid locks. (Because we all deserve to be mermaids). Here they are...


Getting Physical: A couple of you went super DIY on me and recommended standing upside down to get blood to rush to my scalp (Bless y'all who think I could do that), or more simply laying at the edge of the bed and letting my head flop over a bit. More like it. Some of you also said I should be massaging my head for 10 minutes or so. Which means I'm going to ask my boyfriend to massage my head! Easy, fun for everyone! (Also, one of you recommended buying a scalp massager which can be found on Amazon). These seem pretty simple and stimulate blood flow, which makes your hair follicles happy and productive.

Castor Oil: Who knew all you guys were so natural and DIY I love it! I would say this was actually the most popular response. At least 15 or 20 people swore by some variation of castor oil, but users of the Jamaican Black variety were the most enthusiastic. Users suggested massaging it into the scalp for 10 or so minutes, leaving it on for a while (preferably for an entire night's sleep) and washing it out with shampoo as usual. Everyone attested to very rapid, noticeable growth, some to improvement to thinning hair, and many recommended for use on eyebrows and lashes for similar reasons.

Not washing hair: This was thrown into the end of a lot of messages. It seemed like an after thought of common sense. "Oh... and don't wash your hair often! It strips the helpful natural oils off." (Haha oh yes I totally wasn't washing my hair much NOT because I am lazy but because I'm a holistic domestic goddess.) No but really 2-3 times a week seemed to be the general, healthiest consensus. A couple of you even said "I don't shampoo my hair at all." Some of those practicing this 'no-poo' method recommended washing with baking soda at the roots and 'conditioning' with an apple cider vinegar rinse in the shower. Apparently this helps with dandruff as well! 

Supplements: Beautiful hair coming from within makes a lot of sense. Eating right, exercising, drinking a lot of water. All of it lends to your body operating maximally and hair being strong. (Yes gimme da health). One of the popular suggestions for giving your body a boost to produce strong hair, quickly was to add vitamins. Biotin was highly recommended (but also shot down by some, who swore it made them break out, eep!). To this I say, it probably doesn't work for everyone. If you take it and notice a negative change, chuck it. If not, then give it a go. Others were Viviscal, VitaFusion Gorgeous Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies, Nature's Bounty Hair, Skin, & Nails Gummies, and Folic Acid. I am going to go with one of the gummy multi vitamins, just to make sure I get a little of everything (including a snack). And the Viviscal. In my research this seemed to be the most clinically proven for restoring thickness and growing hair super fast (but it is on the pricier side).

Amla Oil: Oil seemed to be where it's at. In addition to the very popular castor oil, I received a few passionate responses about other variations (many suggested just mixing up your favorites!). Amla oil was highly recommened by one gal, which made me perk up. I've been drinking Amla powder (Indian Gooseberry) for a while now to calm inflammation in my body. Seeing that it is sold in oil form makes me excited since it has worked miracles on my insides. I will definitely be buying. Apparently the oil prevents gray hair, hair loss, and stimulates healthy, shiny growth.

Jojoba Oil: Apparently this oil has the closest ph to that of the oils your scalp naturally produces, so this one if good for generally moisturizing a dry head to promote growth. I've used this oil successfully on my face before, so I'm interested to try.

Trims: Every hairdresser ever has always told me to get trims often so my ends don't split. A couple of you said to do it often (But "not too often"). Every three months was the sweet spot. Otherwise, you're doing it so much it just stays short. If you do a light dusting off the ends, your ends stay blunt and don't split all the way up the strand, and you keep your overall length.

Masks: I got a lot of interesting concoctions in my inbox to leave on under a showercap. Mayonnaise and just a raw egg were funny ones, but people swear by the protein and strengthened strands. Another was mixing lemon juice into your favorite oil (olive and coconut were popular ones) and putting it all over your hair and scalp for 20 or more minutes. The lemon juice apparently clarifies your scalp to make way for your follicles to produce. One of you even recommended mixing cinnamon in oil to get your blood flowing. Wash all of these out with shampoo as usual I would say.

Fermented Rice Water: One of you wrote to me about a group of Yao Women who use fermented rice water for long, shiny hair. I looked them up and they really have the most amazing, luscious locks. In my research it looks like you can use a fermented rice water rinse, shampoo, conditioner, or pretty much anything with that as the main ingredient. Apparently the rice water promotes elasticity and prevents breakage. 

I'm still receiving instagram responses, so will update this as I can. If you have any recommendations you swear by, please leave in the comments for everyone below! Thank you so much to everyone who sent their tips.