Detox Your Armpits!


This sounds yucky. When I told my boyfriend “I’m detoxing my armpits tonight” he just sighed another “she’s crazy” sigh. But he knows nothing! Nothing about fun!

Obviously he hasn’t thought about it. About all the chemicals and aluminum we wipe under our arms every morning. That is where we are supposed to release sweat and impurities from our bodies. It isn’t healthy to lock down the gate and seal up the pores with carcinogens. This means all that gunk that needs to go out instead gets stuck in our lymph nodes. Some people even experience lumps in their armpits because of all the buildup. 

I am here to tell you my favorite ways to stop this forever…

Step 1: Stop using antiperspirant.

For one, I know for many it may induce the anxiety of all anxieties to imagine using natural deodorant. But hear me out. There are some that are tried and true. I personally like Schmidt’s, but have heard great things about Green Tiding's and this Kokomo one from Etsy:

Step 2: Fluctuate hot and cold shower water.

Armpits are lymph node city. That is why when too many toxins build up, they get lumps. Lymph nodes collect toxins that collect in your blood stream. The best way to detox them is to make them contract/shrink and push everything out, back into your blood stream to get processed. The way to contract them? Take a hot shower, then turn the water to ice cold for a few minutes. Make sure to let the water run over your armpits. Do this every time you shower.

Step 3: Apply a clay mask

Under your arms. Yes. After the shower, you can pull surface impurities out with a clay mask, just like you would on your face. Once dry, wipe with a hot, damp washcloth. 

Step 4: Moisturize mindfully

Before bed, sometimes I put some castor oil mixed with tea tree oil under my arms. Both are antiseptic and naturally kill smelly bacteria and are generally detoxifying. I wake up perfectly neutral smelling.

Once you begin the detox process, you may notice that your underarms are unpleasant smelling for about a week. It is not because you naturally are stinky. It's actually because your body is purging all of what was getting jammed in your lymph nodes from traditional antiperspirants. Gross! After this short period, you will notice that your sweat actually doesn't smell that bad at all. Certainly not like those days when you forgot to put your regular deodorant on before the detox.