Les Bains Paris!


While I wait for my film photos of Paris to be developed, I thought I would start by sharing my lovely stay at Les Bains Guerbois Hotel in the 3eme Arrondissement.

The hotel was very centrally located, cozy, and chic and I will definitely be staying again. I was able to walk everywhere I wanted each day without taking the train. The service was amazing, food and drinks were perfect (to all the plant-based homies - legitimately the best almond milk I have ever had in my coffee and cereal - it was like heavy cream OML if anyone knows the brand help me out). ALSO, it has an amazingly rich history with guests of the hotel and nightclub including Linda Evangelista, Vanessa Paradis, Karl Lagerfeld, David Bowie & Iman, and many others. My favorite part, though, is their obsession worthy bath and body care line. Who knew!

Not only is the artisanal line crafted with unique ingredients like brown seaweed, but everything smells particularly lovely and leaves your skin looking flawless and polished. I have to say, my skin was feeling particularly dry in France compared to NYC, and nothing I brought along with me did the trick. I actually said out loud “What’s a girl gotta do around here for a pellegrino and an eye mask” and I quickly realized I have become a diva. That night I took a hot bath with these and I felt like a new girl. I will definitely be purchasing again. Especially the Body Oil and Three Salt Scrub. These combined make for a very hydrating, baby soft skin revealing experience.

I didn’t purchase any of the scents yet, but I did grab a handful of samples to try. The “1885” and “2013” eau de parfums are my two favorites and are incredibly sophisticated, feminine, and a little woodsy. When I’m done with the samples. I’ll probably get the 1885 as an everyday scent. So happy I got some little things to take away from the experience.

Will keep you guys updated with the rest of my trip as soon as my rolls are processed! Can’t wait xoxo.