The Best Rich Face Cream for All Skin Types

Dr. Jart's Cicapair Cream

is a dream come true for someone like me: a simple girl with combination skin.

I've been on the hunt for the perfect rich face cream for years. Kiehl's Ultra Rich Moisturizer is great, but didn't have the soothing, herbal active ingredients I was looking for. This cream really does it all. It feels quenching, relieves my dry skin, and I wake up without a slick oily face that I need to quickly wash when I wake up. I look awake, hydrated, and matte all at once. 

I first tried this cream on a photoshoot. Makeup artists tend to use a rich cream to keep girls hydrated under the bright lights and heavy makeup, but I had never had one applied that felt so... right? One I could actually see myself using every day. Even after she applied it as a day cream, I looked in the mirror and thought - oh man, I almost wish I didn't have to put any makeup on. I feel so good! Normally, when I put my day cream on, my face is completely pink from rubbing it on, and I can't wait to throw on a little concealer. This time, my face wasn't red. I felt just fine! My face felt very happy. I now use it every day and night over serum.

A moisturizer that promises to heal and delivers. It seems like such a simple concept, but sometimes it's the perfect simple thing that's the hardest to find!