Dr. Dennis Gross: A Review

This is a rundown of one of my favorite brands of all time. Dr. Dennis Gross is an A-list dermatologist and cancer researcher with an amazingly effective, cruelty-free skincare line, some of which I can't live without.  The products target a wide range of maladies like fine lines, acne, sun damage, and dull skin. Here, I'm reviewing some products I'm just now trying, and some of my old favorites.

(Side note: I have normal - combination skin.)

Alpha Beta Daily Peel Pads - These are little miracle workers. I posted about them in my overall skincare regimen post a while ago, and I still use them almost every night. Any bumps, dullness, oiliness - anything - seems to disappear and reveal smooth, (almost plasticky!) radiant skin. Also, it seems to be one of the only things I've found to visibly shrink and clear out my pores. I have moved up to the Extra Strength, but I'd suggest the regular or gentle for first-timers. Also, it's a bit of a splurge, so you can get a lot out of them by using them even just every few days. He also makes a version with a bit of self-tanner, pictured here, but I'm not personally a huge fan of changing my skin tone so I haven't used yet.

Dark Spot Sun Defense SPF 50 - This is a lovely, lovely sunscreen. Honestly, the most gentle, least greasy, and nicest texture of any sunscreen I've used. This I will be buying again. Makeup also goes on nicely over it and it doesn't pill up like many do. I get little sun spots in the summertime and this has so far prevented them from popping up, which means it's definitely working!

Hyaluronic Marine Cream - This is a really hydrating, simple, gentle cream. It's not rich in any way, but is certainly quenching. At night, I usually like something a little heavier, but this will be great for summer days when I want something light, under sunscreen, and water based that I won't sweat off. It absorbs quickly and easily, and seems to be very plumping. Leaves you ever so slightly dewy, but not at all oily. If you have used Tidal by Sunday Riley, it's incredibly similar. Good for oily or sensitive skin. Dry skin types should use something more rich.

Ferulic & Retinol Overnight Recovery Serum - This is a good beginner retinol serum, in my opinion. I have moved up to something a little more intense, by Chantecaille, but this is great if you are starting to see fine lines developing or want to start using a retinol for the first time. I've had reactions and peely skin from some serums, but not this one. I would recommend using at night after washing & toning. If you start breaking out after the use of a retinol product, know that this is completely normal. Almost everyone does. It's kind of a "things get worse before they get a lot better" kind of thing. Don't get spooked, it just takes a week or two and it should go away. Everyone, if you can handle it, should be using a retinol to prevent aging and reverse damage. It's the one thing I've heard almost every dermatologist mention as their necessary ingredient.

Ferulic & Retinol Eye Cream - This is a really nice eye cream. I haven't noticed any improvement of my dark circles, but it does seem to be helping with these tiny bumps I get under my eyes as well as helping to smooth out the teeny fine lines I have. Will continue rotating this through my routine.

My Must Have Picks:

For Every Day & Everyone: Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Peel Pads & Dark Spot Sun Defense SPF 50

Top Picks For Other Skin Types:

For Sensitive or Oily Skin: Hyaluronic Marine Cream
For First Signs of Aging: Ferulic & Retinol Overnight Recovery Serum